anti 1984 sign picture


The only purpose of this web page is to store these 1984 prohibition images. Nothing more, nothing less.


Please use these images to promote freedom from surveillance and suppression. They are (created as) public domain; use them in any way you want. The SVG files are vector graphics which means you can scale them up to whatever size you like without loss of quality.

Original Small Large Description
anti1984.svg 3.8 kb anti1984_small.png 5.2 kb anti1984_large.png 53 kb Main variant
anti1984-lcd.svg 2.5 kb anti1984-lcd_small.png 4.6 kb anti1984-lcd_large.png 42 kb Variant using calculator digits for the year
anti1984-font.svg 1.3 kb     Variant using SVG font for the digits
anti1984-mini.svg 646 bytes     Stripped down to as small file as possible 15 kb     A selection of 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64 icons in bmp, ico and xcf format

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George Orwell wrote a book called 1984. The term "Big Brother" originates from this book. He wrote this book as a warning against totalitarianism and surveillance. Unfortunately it seems that some people today have misunderstood and taken this as a recipe instead.